Redirecting light

central park vertical garden heliostat
One Central Park Sydney – Jean Nouvel

Sky at One Central Park offers immense luxury high above the heart of the city. The building itself is worthy of accolades, yet it is the experience of living in its uppermost levels that give a select few the greatest reward.

A heliostat and hydroponics are just two of the defining features that are sure to establish the residential tower as an architectural triumph. The heliostat, a giant cantilevered platform jutting out from the twenty-eighth floor, adds a dramatic dimension to the building’s silhouette and defines the Sky residences above it.


Mirrors bounce light into the cantilevered reflectors  from below

A series of motorised mirrors were positioned 100 metres below the cantilever on the rooftop of a lower neighbouring building to the west, tracking daylight automatically and reflecting light up to the cantilever.

Total of 220 fixed reflecting panels, or mirrors, were then positioned across the platform’s underbelly and used to bounce light back down into the complex’s retail atrium, pedestrian corridor and external pool and communal areas. A sky garden was placed on the cantilever’s upper side.


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