Object Tracking Heliostat Array

by Joel Thomas Master  March 2011

The system tracks a target object using a CMOS camera and the heliostat determines the required angles to reflect the sun at the target. Calculations are made to compensate for the targets and suns movement.

I wanted to track the location of a companion device such as a lamp shade within a house but after viewing this research it seems less possible.

  • From the video it is plausible to track a large brightly coloured target at close distances outdoors with no obstructions in the cameras line of sight.
  • Using a tracking system like this in my project for what I intend to do is impossible because the CMOS needs LOS, which cannot be obtained as a target needs to be viewed at a significant distance (1-15m) through a window that could have exterior security measures in place and blinds on the inside.
  • For my project I’ll require the user to point the device at a target of their choice, possibly even multiple targets and save those locations to memory. Allowing the choice of switching targets with a controller depending on the room that is being occupied.

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