Solar pulse motor toys

Tend to be know as solar flip flap toys, dancing solar toys, solar powered flapping toy etc…

A full tear down and itemization of a solar powered toy by Nadia of MIT Media Lab:

This is a solar-powered toy in the form of a flower.  When it is powered, the flower petals move up and down.

Summary of how the toy works:

  • The two petals are coupled mechanically such that when one moves, the other one also moves.
  • One of the petals acts as a pendulum with a magnet at the base of it.
  • When the toy is powered, pulses of electrical current are sent through a voice coil, which is placed at the base of the toy; this creates a magnetic field running along the axis of the voice coil.
  • These pulses of magnetic field from the voice coil pull the magnet toward the voice coil to cause the petal’s pendulum to swing back and forth.

Alternative styles of this type of mechanism:

  • The pulse motor can be used to create a pendulum effect with varying amplitudes of swinging and also spinning.
  • This mechanism can be used as a vehicle to explore how emotion can manifest through products, more specifically the relation to the positive affect of sunlight to health/ well being.

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