Association of lighting and use of environments

Research was conducted to explore actions/associations and reasons for people to choose to speed more time in particular rooms in their homes. Exposing people to naturally illuminated rooms, which were seasonally dark revealed effects of lighting on time spent (inside those rooms) and the differences in activities/task people performed in those environments.

Primary research results:

Case 1

In the case of a better illuminated bedroom during daytime. The bedroom provided an environment for sleeping and changing clothes, entertainment and work related tasks were usually done in defined rooms, such as a study or living room. A better illuminated bedroom did not make this person feel compelled to do study or utilize the space for computer activities more in the bedroom because they already had association of other rooms  with those activities. However, the space was described as more pleasant and they were open to the idea using the space more often if they had more furniture in there;  like a desk and chair.

Case 2

Poorly lit living room, started out as a advantage for this person as they liked to often watch movies/TV shows in darkness and the only light source being the TV screen. The living room was arranged with couches at the sides, coffee table in the center and a TV console at the front. Minimal light entered from a large panoramic window at the front side of the house during this time of year, making it a comfortable viewing environment in this case. Introducing more natural light into the room affected this persons view of this living space a purely entertainment environment to possibility of it being a place for social gathering. The amount of light in the room was comparable to how bright their kitchen environment was, which was usually where their friends and family gather and converse.




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